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​​Create a custom gift as unique as you.

Gifts with meaning

A handmade, locally crafted gift says a lot

about how much you care. And whoever receives such a gift will cherish it forever.

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Pull those swimming, riding, track, or gymnastics medals out of your drawer! We'll transform them into a cherished family treasure.  Send us your medal collection and we'll arrange them optimally for display. The custom display comes with a flocked background and matting in your choice of colors. The hardwood frame is available in red oak, cherry, walnut, or mahogany. 

Custom Furniture

Designed to your specific needs and taste, custom furniture pieces become instant heirlooms. They'll be passed along to next generations. 

​​Custom designed, handcrafted, and made with care.

Handmade Decor

There is a world of new and clever decorating ideas being shared on the Internet.  If you find one you like, but aren't up to the project, give us a call.

Custom Family Treasures

In red oak or cherry, these custom watch boxes display up to eight men's or lady's watches through the hinged glass lid. Our boxes can be sized to your budget or collection size.  Boxes for 2,4,6, or 8 watches are readily available. Other sizes will be made to order in your choice of wood and finish.  

Home Accessories

These trio of plant stands made of pine and maple will brighten any corner of your house.  Each can be sized to meet your needs.

​Make your special events even more memorable.

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Creative Furnishings

Can't find the 'just right' piece that brings your whole room together?  Tell us what you need and we'll design and build that special piece all your friends will notice.  

Keepsakes with Style

Custom pieces with meaningful family connections are valued by all.  Tell us what you have in mind so we can design something you will value for generations.