The rich tones of walnut and cherry are perfect hardwoods for these men's valet boxes.  The interior color and configuration are selected by the client.  

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The dial face is where creativity blossoms.  Some dials have live-edge wood, some completely fill the rings, others have open negative space which provides a beautiful depth.

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Jewelry Boxes 

Resin has been all the rage in woodworking circles for the past few years.  When I saw a wood and resin chessboard, I had to give it a try,  The result is even more striking in person. 

While I love the challenge of designing and building furniture,  I also make time to create gift items and products for local craft fairs and my Etsy store.

I saw a walnut and resin chessboard on an Instagram feed and instantly needed to try this myself. The result is this handsome walnut and blue resin version.  There are more phots below and it is available for sale at: 

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Black Walnut and Royal Blue Resin Chessboard

Wine Barrel Ring Clocks

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Walnut &  Resin Chessboard

Men's Valet Boxes 

Oversized wall clocks are all the rage.  These are built using real wine barrel rings sourced from Napa Valley, California. 

Clipboards, Trays, Games, Candle Sticks, Picture Frames, Knife Blocks, Plant Stands, Award Clocks, Boxes, Wall Cabinets, Seasonal Decor, and more!

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