Espresso stain on pine gives this version a modern feel.  The gaming surface is covered with a nylon over neoprene mat (3mm).  Six four-sided game blocks and companion cupholders are mounted in the top rail.  This version also includes a removeable flat panel TV gaming surface.  The TV is mounted in a custom wood frame and has a clear plexiglass top surface to protect the TV screen.  The wood frame containing the TV and plexiglass is removeable, but can also stay in place even if the table topper panels are in place on the table.

Gaming table features explained - game surface, game blocks, cupholders, LED lighting, and ledge for table toppers.

One enjoyable aspect of designing and building custom furniture is working with clients to modify a design to capture their ideas.  Changes in finish or layout can dramatically alter the 'feel' of the piece.   Below are a few photos on how this played out in recent table designs.

Weathered Oak stain on Red Oak base provide a great contrast to the burgundy game mat (3mm nylon over neoprene).  Three table-toppers install easily to provide a flat table surface.  Featured are brushed aluminum cupholders and LED lighting around the perimeter of the gaming surface.

My original table, featured at the top of this page, was recently upgraded with a set of table topper panels.  The three panels fit easily into place since the table design anticipated the future addition of table toppers.  Each panel is made from 3/4" cabinet-grade plywood to withstand heavy use. For this table, one side of the panels are stained and finished to match the original table. And one panel has a chessboard design created by different color tints in the finish.  The flip side of each panel is covered with lego-style base plates.  This provides more than 12 square feet of play space when all three plate covered toppers are in place.

Gaming table features explained - table toppers

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Weathered Gray stain and a black gaming mat give this table a real classic feel.  It was constructed with pine wood which is easy to work and takes the finish well. This table includes the six game blocks, LED lighting, and four cupholders.

The Build


Game Table Features Explained

Royal Court

Table Topper Play

Client: “I mentioned wanting to design a custom board game table.  Do you think it would be possible?”

Gaming Table Requirements

  • Must seat at least four.
  • A gaming surface that can hold a typical board game with generous space around it.
  • ​A tray to hold game pieces.
  • ​A perimeter wall for bouncing dice.
  • ​Felt gaming surface.
  • Lighting.

​After some online research I recommended the following:

  • Increasing the seating to six.
  • Changing the felt surface to a cushioned gaming surface.
  • Using multi-color LED lighting effect.
  • ​Incorporating cup-holders in the rail design 
  • Use legs on each corner instead of a pedestal design.
  •  And knowing the client has four young boys, I added the need to build something sturdy and durable.

Design and Build


Design is based on solid construction materials and techniques including:

  • A 3/4" plywood base for the surface.
  • Opted for readily available pine wood instead of hardwoods to reduce cost.
  • All wood design using 3/4" clear pine for all structural elements.
  • 1/2" clear pine for secondary elements.
  • Dado and lap joinery are used to provide strength (see photo above).
  • 4 1/2"h x 3/4"w boards form the perimeter of the table and a 1/2"w inner board provides dual supports for the table rail & stiffens the plywood base.
  • ​Lighting, from a flexible LED strip is incorporated into the wall around the perimeter.


  • ​Overall: 43 3/4"w  x 67"l x 30"h
  • Gaming surface: 32"w x 55"l​
  • Gaming surface perimeter wall: 3 1/4"h x 3/4"w
  • Table skirt: 4 3/4"h
  • Rail: 4 3/4"w
  • Game Blocks: 3 1/4"w x 3 1/4"h x 14"l
  • Legs: 3 1/4"w x 3 1/4"l x 29 1/4"h

​Gaming Surface

We now use and recommend 3mm neoprene from for its durability and range of colors.

Game Blocks

​A tray to hold game pieces was an early requirement. In developing the tale design, I considered the variety of games to be played on the table and decide a tray would only service a small selection of games. Eventually I created a Game Block that would be present at each of the six player positions and reside in a space on the rail. Each Game Block has four sides and each side supports a different game style.  One side is blank, another side has a shallow tray, a third holds rows of chips, and the final side is grooved to hold cards upright.  A small access port in the table base under each Game Block makes it easy to pop the block up and rotate it to another side. 

The slideshow below shows a Game Block in each of the four positions.


​​Tables start at $1495 with options including:

  • Pine or red oak, white oak, mahogany, or cherry hardwood,
  • Neoprene game surface thickness and color,
  • Perimeter LED lighting,
  • Stain and/or Polyurethane finish,
  • Game Blocks,
  • Cup-holders,
  • Removable legs.

Shipping, Delivery and design alterations are priced separately.  Six percent Maryland Sales tax applies to all orders.