The client and I scoured the Web and found several options for the gaming surface.  Ultimately we decided on a surface that was durable and waterproof.  It is a neoprene-based surface trademarked under the name GripMatTM from Break From Reality Games (

Here's more about the surface from the BFRG website:

BFRG was also one of the few places we found that sold gaming surfaces as large as we needed (34" x 57".  We bought a 36" x  72" GripMat from BFRG and cut it down to size.

Gaming Surface

Design - top view

AA: “I mentioned wanting to design a custom board game table.  Do you think it would be possible?” 

Here's the story of how the answer to this question developed into a concept and then the game table you see here.

Clamping base

Final Dimensions

The game table pricing starts at $995 with options including:

  • the felt, neoprene, or GripMatTM game surface,
  • LED lighting (with remote and/or bluetooth connectivity), 
  • Pine or hardwood (Mahogany, Oak, or Cherry) wood construction,
  • Stain and/or Polyurethane finish,
  • Game Blocks,
  • Cup-holders,
  • Removable legs.

Shipping, Delivery and design alterations are priced separately.  Six percent Maryland Sales tax applies to all orders.

Overall: 43 3/4"w  x 67"l x 30"h

Gaming surface: 32"w x 55"l

Gaming surface perimeter wall: 3 1/4"h x 3/4"w

Table skirt: 4 3/4"h

Rail: 4 3/4"w

Game Blocks: 3 1/4"w x 3 1/4"h x 14"l

Legs: 3 1/4"w x 3 1/4"l x 29 1/4"h

Use the form below to ask questions or to start customizing your own gaming table. 

​Happy gaming!

Game Blocks

Contact Me

Inspired Projects Often Begin with a Question…

Inital conversations with my client revealed these requirements.

  • Must seat at least four.
  • A gaming surface that can hold a typical board game with generous space around it.
  • ​A tray to hold game pieces.
  • ​A perimeter wall for bouncing dice.
  • ​Felt gaming surface.
  • Lighting.

​After some online research I recommended the following:

  • Increasing the seating to six.
  • Changing the felt surface to a cushioned gaming surface.
  • Using multi-color LED lighting effect.
  • ​Incorporating eight cup-holders in the rail design (this was later changed to six because I needed space under the rail for the AC adapter and LED controller).
  • Use legs on each corner instead of a pedestal design.


And knowing the client has four young boys, I added the need to build something sturdy and durable.


dado joinery shown here was used on key joints to improve strength and stability.


Made in the USA - GripMats are introducing a patented material that is ideal for use with board games and miniatures. In development for the last 2 years, this approximately 1/8" thick mat has a specialized surface with more frictional or "grip force" than cloth, velvet, or any other material currently offered in the game accessory market. In addition to this, it can be printed in full color vivid images, and will survive common abuse that vinyl mats, and paper mats would not be able to withstand.

Gaming Table Requirements

Rail design - side view

A tray to hold game pieces was an early requirement. In developing the tale design, I considered the variety of games to be played on the table and decide a tray would only service a small selection of games. Eventually I created a Game Block that would be present at each of the six player positions and reside in a space on the rail. Each Game Block would have four sides and each side would support a different game style.  One side would be blank, another side would be a shallow tray, a third would hold rows of chips, and the final side would be grooved to hold cards upright.  A small access port in the table base under each Game Block makes it easy to pop the block up and rotate it to another side.  

The slideshow below shows a Game Block in each of the four positions. 

Design and Build 

My design is based on solid construction including

  • A 3/4" plywood base for the surface.
  • Opted for readily available pine wood instead of hardwoods to reduce cost.
  • All wood design using 3/4" clear pine for all structural elements.
  • 1/2" clear pine for secondary elements.
  • Dado and lap joinery are used to provide strength (see photo above).
  • 4 1/2"h x 3/4"w boards form the perimeter of the table and a 1/2"w inner board provides dual supports for the table rail & stiffens the plywood base.
  • Lighting, from a flexible LED strip is incorporated into the wall around the perimeter.

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