Frederick Lumber is the most popular and reliable source we use on a regular basis.  They have an extensive selection of quality hardwoods.  

Understanding a client's requirements and turning them into a unique and cherished keepsake drives every project.

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We love working with hardwoods of any kind.  Over the years we've learned the working properties and finishing qualities of the most popular types of wood. And what we've learned we apply to every product we build -- whether it is matching the properties of a particular type of wood to a client project, or helping a client understand the differences between types of woods, we know what we share will make a better end result.


The use of live-edge wood slabs is all the rage. We recently picked up this batch of cherry flitches from a local mill.  These fresh-cut slices will need to age and air dry for a few years before they are ready to become a part of a new project -- and possibly find their way into your home.

In 2014 my wife and I moved to Clarksburg, Maryland, and, as with every other one of our family moves, my woodshop came along.  And now that the dust has settled and the woodshop is back in operation, I'm making sawdust again!

I've been designing and building hardwood furniture and accessories for more than 40 years, mostly for family and friends.  Now, for the first time, I've established the Clarksburg Woodworks business to make hardwood furniture, accessories, and keepsakes for others.

Take a look around the Clarksburg Woodworks web site and contact me if you find something that piques your interest or inspires a project for your home.

Doing it yourself doesn’t always pan out. Rely on our knowledge and experience instead. Your idea or concept is in the best of hands.

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We're frequently asked, "Where do you source your hardwoods from?" 

We use a variety of sources to get just the right pieces for our projects.  We've sourced authentic barn wood from a seller in central Pennsylvania.  By chance, we found live-edge maple at an online auction.  And the cherry flitches above came from a Craig's List ad.

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