Clarksburg Woodworks,LLC

Custom Furniture, Accessories, and Keepsakes

Unique joinery provides interest and style.

Welcome to ​Clarksburg Woodworks.  

In 2014 my wife and I moved to Clarksburg Maryland and, as with every other one of our family moves, my woodshop came along.  And now that the dust has settled and the woodshop has been put back into operation, it's time to start making sawdust again.

Unconventional lines add grace.

The Clarksburg Woodworks Woodshop

Details make a difference

Handmade Furniture, Home Accessories, and Keepsakes

Elegance through caring design.

HOT ITEM!   ​​Custom Hardwood Watch Boxes

These red oak and cherry watch boxes display up to eight men's or women's watches through the hinged glass lid. Our boxes can be sized to your budget or collection size.  Boxes for 2,4,6, or 8 watches are readily available. Other sizes will be made to order in your choice of wood and finish.  

I've been making hardwood furniture and accessories for more than forty years, mostly for family and friends.  Now, for the first time, I'm setting up the Clarksburg Woodworks business to make hardwood furniture, accessories, and keepsakes for others.

Take a look around the Clarksburg Woodworks website and contact me if you find something that piques your interest.